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About Mayville Limestone, Inc.

Mayville Limestone, Inc. formerly known as Mayville White Lime Works, was acquired in 1875 by Charles Ruedebusch, Sr., who had come to Mayville in 1853 and started the Charles Ruedebusch Company store in that year. Although the quarry and plant were located 3 miles south of the city for the first 55 years of its existence corporate offices were located in the southeast corner on the second floor of the Charles Ruedebusch building. At that time and for many years after that the Charles Ruedebusch Company was a thriving department store.

A thriving lime and limestone business was developed on the original 80 acres owned by the company. For the first 65 years or so the company’s primary business was producing quick lime which was used primarily in masonry construction. An office was opened in Chicago to market the product and the business prospered. A total of 3 limekilns in which the limestone was burned were built. About 1915 the company started to produce and market agricultural limestone which beginning in the 1940’s became the mainstay of the business. Agricultural limestone was sold in bulk and in the early years in 100 lb. reusable cloth bags for use as barnlime and field lime. In the 1940’s modern bag packing equipment was installed to fill 80 lb. disposable multiwall kraft paper bags.

The company, incorporated in 1981, is closely held. For all of its 130 plus years its principals have been members of the Ruedebusch family and its heirs. Principals included Jim Smith who died May 20, 2005 and formerly Ellen Ruedebusch Smith who died Sept. 28, 1999. Ellen was the daughter of Thelma and Carl Ruedebusch and was Jim’s wife. Tony and Greg Smith are the sons Jim and Ellen.

Carl Ruedebusch was Chairman and President for 30 years. Kurt Ruedebusch served as Secretary-Treasurer for many years who along with Carl and Carl’s father Carl H. Ruedebusch were responsible for the company’s management from early in the century up until the late 1960’s. Jim Smith was Chairman and President from 1973 to 2005. Victor Brockmiller was Vice President for 32 years, and in charge of sales. He retired in 1999. Erv Schmid served as Secretary/Treasurer for 45 years and retired at the end of 2009.

Increased demand in the 1960’s for crushed stone products resulted in the installation of additional crushing and screening equipment. Nine sizes of crushed stone products now comprise a substantial part of the business. Agricultural products include garden & lawn lime and barnlime now packaged with modern equipment in 50 lb. bags. Agricultural bulk lime products like our 80-89 & 90-99 aglime are delivered for spreading by crop managers and coops for farmers.

Mayville Limestone employees 20 people. Our productive, loyal and dedicated work force has worked many years together and are proud of their safety record for man hour worked without an accident. Since 1977 Teamsters Union Local No. 695 has represented 14 outside employees.

Crushing, screening, drying, stockpiling and load out operations occupy approximately 40 acres at the northeast corner of state highways 33 and 67 in Hubbard township. The stone for these operations is trucked approximately one mile from a 50 foot high face quarry currently approximately 90 acres in size. The company has planned well for the future by acquiring 634 acres that contain substantial reserves of high quality dolomite limestone.

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